Code of Conduct

Here dictates the code of conduct which all players must adhere to. By playing on our network, we assume that you have read, understood and agree to the terms listed below.

:small_blue_diamond:The staff team are volunteers who take time out of their personal lives to help players and the server: as such, you should treat them with respect. It is human nature that each of them has their own sensibility that can influence their decisions when handling player cases. :small_blue_diamond:Your account is yours, and your responsibility only: no excuses can invalidate this statement. In order to properly secure your account, you are advised to read this topic (Even if you think your account is already safe!) :small_blue_diamond:Following the previous point, account sharing/exchange is strictly forbidden. If any case involves account theft/account sharing, ALL involved players' accounts will be suspended, including the complainant's one(s). :small_blue_diamond:The punishments indicated in the rules are for general cases, but in some instances it can vary outside of the written range: if so, you will be notified as to why it happened. :small_blue_diamond:Rules indicated in this code of conduct are there to cover the most common cases, but aren't the only ones where a Moderator is entitled to act: dishonesty, ill intent and other forms of negative behavior can result in them getting involved. Remember to keep a positive and healthy attitude towards the server, and other players. :small_blue_diamond:Sanctions can in some cases be applied on all of the holder's accounts: breaking rules on side accounts (for example, sibling accounts) can thus have impact on your main account. :small_blue_diamond:If a player is found benefiting from the rule breaks of another player, both can end up being punished, even though one of them didn't break any rules himself: don't play the ignorance card if you see one of your group members exploit to one shot bosses! To simply put it, not reporting rule breakers makes you as equally guilty as the offender. :small_blue_diamond:We reserve the right to add, remove and/or modify rules as we see fit. Should any such modifications occur, all players will be notified through announcement of said changes.

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affilliated or endorsed by Mojang or Microsoft.

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