Towny Guide

An in depth guide to help you play the Towny game mode on SolariaMC

Getting Started

Hello player, and welcome to the Towny guide. Here you'll learn all the necessities about the Towny gamemode offered by SolariaMC. Before we begin, it's important to note what exactly the gamemode entails and what features it has to offer. Towny can best be described as a geopolitical gamemode that offers an all-rounded experience with many features. In other words, there's no 'one-way' to play Towny as you can be many things. Want to grow an empire and dominate your enemies? Sure, do that. Maybe you want to be a nation focused on providing goods and services to other towns and nations? That works too! Of course, whatever you plan to do comes in steps.

Common Terms

Here is a list of common terms you'll need to know:

  • Townblock (or Plot) - A single chunk belonging to a player or town that offers protections against other players on the server.

  • Town - A collection of townblocks owned by a mayor.

  • Nation - A collection of towns owned by a king. Nations also consist of capitals which are towns set by the king of the nation.

  • Resident - A player that belongs to a specific town.

  • Mayor - The owner of a specific town.

  • Nomad - A player that does not belong to any town.

First Steps

Upon joining you should receive some items, if you do not, use the command /kit starter. When starting out you'll need a town. Towns offer protections that prevent unwanted players from destroying your builds, griefing and stealing items from your chests. This, however, is not an easy task as the cost of creating a town is moderately expensive, costing at $2000.00.

The cost to start a new town can change in the future. You can execute/towny prices to get the configured town price.

This is quite difficult to achieve for a lone player so it's best to find a group of players to help aid you in raising money (See Economy). you can place a campfire to claim a camp. A camp is a single plot that offers protections to a the player who has placed it and their friends. Note: that only the plot that the campfire is placed in will be protected. To give any player access to your plot, you need to add them as a friend using the command /resident friend add <Name>. Once added, they will be able to access permissions within the plot.

To see plots, you can execute /resident toggle constantplotborder to show where plots will be outlined by smoke particles every few seconds. To disable, simply execute the command again. Alternatively, use F3+G on your keyboard to toggle the chunk view.


In order to start a town you need to obtain money. Money is a virtual currency which the server economy depends on. Some common economy commands:

/bal [Name]             - Returns the balance of a player, otherwise your own balance.
/pay <Name> <Amount>    - Pays a player with given amount taken from your balance.
/baltop                 - Returns a list of players with the ten highest balances.       

There are currently four ways a player can make money:

  • Quests

  • Voting

  • Jobs

  • Shops

Quests: Quests are tasks that players need to complete for money. They can only be obtained by voting or be found in vote crates. Upon receiving a quest item (looks like enchanted paper), players can hover their cursor on the item where the task required can be found. Simply doing the action will alter the progression of the quest. Players will be notified of the quest's completion where they can right click while holding the item to claim the money ($165,00).

Voting: Voting rewards a player with a Quest and a Vote crate. Vote crates consist of several rewards that can be sold or sometime have a chance of rewarding the player money directly. Voting can simply be done by invoking the command /vote. Jobs: Jobs are a means for players to make money by doing normal every day tasks. Players are limited to a maximum of 3 consecutive jobs. To see the jobs available, players can execute the command /jobs browse.

Shops: Shops (or chest shops) are a passive way for players to earn income by selling items for money. Players can create a shop by holding the item they want to sell and crouch clicking a chest or double chest. You will then be prompted to enter the amount to sell the item. Alternatively, you can use the command: /qs create <Price> [Item] while looking at a chest or double chest. If you are unsure how much to sell, it is best to find out how much other shops are selling the same item to get an idea. Remember to create shops in protected areas (such as townblock) to avoid looters from simply stealing your items.


A large part of Towny focuses around combat. Although the server's version is in 1.16, we've made so that the combat is as close to 1.8 as possible. However, there are several features that player's should note.

Initiating Combat

A common issue that arises is that players tend to log out to avoid losing items when attacked by another player. To solve this, we've added combat logging features that discourages this. Players who enter combat will become combat tagged (tagged) for a certain amount of time . Several restrictions are enacted when a player is tagged such as:

  • Commands that allow the player to 'escape' by means of teleportation are disabled e.g. /t spawn or /home.

  • Using an Elytra or a Trident with the Riptide III enchantment is disabled.

  • Entering a PVP protected area will remove protections for tagged players and may still be killed.

  • Disconnecting from the server will kill the tagged player instantly.

Disabled Features

Certain vanilla features regarding combat have been disabled as we feel the removal of these features provide a smoother and more enjoyable PVP experience. The following features are disabled:

  • Potions/Potion Effects:

    • Slow Falling

    • Turtle Master

    • Strength

    • Invisibility

  • Enchantments:

    • Knockback

    • Thorns

    • Punch

More coming soon...

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