Do I need a premium account to play?

No, you do not need a premium account to play and may join using a cracked launcher. Premium players can enable the auto-login feature so logging on is quick and simple. To enable this, you must have a registered account on the server and have a premium account [An paid account bought from the official Minecraft website].


Do not use the auto-login feature if you have a cracked account. We will not assist in recovering your account under any circumstance should you fail to ignore this warning.

Once registration is complete, a GUI will open and you can simply click the respective blocks labelled Premium or Cracked. If this GUI does not open, try re-logging.

Someone is hacking. How do I report them?

You can submit a ticket on our Discord server where our staff team will be able to assist you on any issues you may encounter. Reporting a player should be done so with evidence such as video recording uploaded to services such as YouTube, Streamable or Medal.tv.

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