1. At all times, the terms set out in the Code of Conduct will always apply. If there is an exception this will be specifically stated within the Towny rules.

  2. Any modifications that emulate player actions or other means of bypassing the AFK kick timer (AFK pools or machines, Anti-AFK or Autoclickers) are strictly prohibited.

  3. Bypassing the protections in protected areas through any means is strictly prohibited (e.g. Block, pearl and combat glitching). In the scenario where a player's hitbox overlaps that of a non-full block (e.g. door or glass plane), it is perfectly legal to hit that player provided that the attacker does not right-click to open the door.

  4. Bug abusing or using one plugin's functionality to bypass the protections of another is not allowed under any circumstance. Players are encouraged by all means to report unbalanced features and/or bugs at all times through tickets in order to ensure Towny's integrity.

  5. Any malicious actions or intent harbored towards new players is punishable by a staff member as they interpret the situation. A new player is defined as any player who has been registered for less than seven days regardless if they have played Towny on other servers. After seven days of registration, a player is not considered new. You may check if a player is new by doing /resident [Player].

  6. Repeatedly killing a player that is not attacking you, near your, your allies and/or claims is prohibited. You may not kill a player more than five times in a day without any legitimate reason. This rule is not applicable in instances where both parties agree to PVP (such as an arena fight) or cases where war is involved. In all cases, self-defense is encouraged.

  7. The camping of towns or town borders with ill or hostile intent is strictly prohibited. Players are encouraged to firstly communicate with the player through warnings. Should a player fail to adhere to the wishes of the resident, the resident may outlaw players using /t outlaw add [Player]. Outlawing a player will instantly teleport them out of the town to the world spawn point. If offender continues, residents may submit a ticket where punishment is dealt out at the staff member's discretion.

  8. Trapping or the baiting of players such as spawn trapping/killing or blocking portals is illegal. Any PVP within town claims should be done in the appropriate Arena plot which players can set by invoking /plot set arena. If you are portal trapped, please be patient as the server will attempt to relocate you to a safe position. Should you not be teleported within 5 minutes, please make a submit a ticket report with the relevant information and the next available staff member will help.

  9. Passive insiding is allowed. Any other form of insiding is prohibited. Passive insiding can be defined as:

    Any form of espionage within an enemy's alliance that does not involve the destruction, looting and/or stealing of the enemy's resources. A general rule of thumb is that "spies" should only be stealing information from enemies, not items!

    Please read the Towny guide for more information.

Building and Construction Rules:

Griefing extensively is prohibited. Examples are, but not limited to:

  • To modify the terrain outside a town within a 3 chunk radius without the mayor’s consent.

  • Mass modification of land geography without intend to settle within the area.

  • Water-, lava-casting and the construction of 'cobble monsters'.

  • Destroying infrastructure that is necessary for travel in the wilderness.

  • The building of obscene, racist and/or other offensive structures is prohibited.

  • Building of unnecessary structures within the wilderness is prohibited.

  • Excessive destruction to a town in ruins after war is prohibited.

  • Map/Pixel Art

    • Such construction is not allowed to advertise, defame and/or contain any obscene or NSFW content. Advertising of towns and nations is allowed.

    • Builds must not excede an area of 8x8 chunks (single map).

    • Builds must not promote any political or social motives.

    • Builds must be removed after the map is completed

Town and Nation Rules

  • Making a town and/or outpost within 3 chunks of another town is prohibited unless you have the mayor’s consent.

  • The use of obscene or offensive town and/or nation names are prohibited. Violation of this rule will be dealt at the staff member's discretion

  • Using town claims to restrict expansion of another town is prohibited.

  • Mayors that fail to remain active for 14 days will lose mayorship of their town to be passed on to the highest-ranking active player upon that player's request. Towns that fail to have any active players will be disbanded.

  • Players that fail to remain active for 60 days will get their Towny data deleted.

War Rules

  • You may not participate in sieges where you are neither allied to the attacker nor the defending nation.

  • All players participating in sieges must have an appropriate nation rank.

  • The use of fallers and ganks are allowed (in claims) but may not exceed a depth (Y-level) 45.

  • Attackers may make use of "spawn towns" that must have a minimum distance of 10 townblocks and must have PVP enabled at all times. In the case players use an existing town, the town spawn must be moved to a plot that adheres to the rule distance and must have PVP enabled in the entire town.

  • All forms of trapping are bannable. Due to the vagueness of what is considered trapping, some examples scenarios to note include but are not limited to:

    • Spleefing players in protected claims

    • Closing up fallers/ganks after a player has fallen in

    • Placing blocks in such a manner as to restrict an enemy player's ability to fight or move.

    • Creating traps by means of redstone or other Minecraft mechanics (e.g. sand traps, drown traps etc.)

    Willingly running into siege-towns/safezones and being restricted to exit the said area (e.g. closing fence gates) is not considered trapping. A general rule is to avoid using Towny's permission systems in siege warfare and make use of strategic teamfights and communication with your allies.

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