General Survival Rules:

  • At all times, the terms set out in the Code of Conduct will always apply. If there is an exception this will be specifically stated within the Survival rules. This also includes the Chat Rules and General Rules.

  • Any modifications that emulate player actions or other means of bypassing the AFK kick timer (AFK pools or machines, Anti-AFK, Autoclickers, chunk loaders, etc) are strictly prohibited.

  • Bypassing the protections in protected areas through any means is strictly prohibited (e.g. Block, pearl and combat glitching). In the scenario where a player's hit box overlaps that of a non-full block (e.g. door or glass plane), it is perfectly legal to hit that player provided that the attacker does not right-click to open the door.

  • Bug abusing or using one plugin's functionality to bypass the protections of another is not allowed under any circumstance. Players are encouraged by all means to report unbalanced features and/or bugs at all times through tickets in order to ensure Survival’s integrity.

  • Trapping or the baiting of players such as spawn trapping/killing or blocking portals is illegal. If you are portal trapped, please be patient as the server will attempt to relocate you to a safe position. Should you not be teleported within 5 minutes, please make a submit a ticket report with the relevant information and the next available staff member will help.

  • Stealing and/or scamming is not allowed. We provide multiple ways to conduct safe trades: /trade, /ah, chestshops, etc.

  • Alternate accounts (alts) are not allowed under any circumstance. If you are found using an alt, your alt will be banned and your main account may possibly have its progress rollbacked.

  • Impersonating another player or staff member using the nickname system is prohibited.

Building and Construction Rules:

  • Griefing is prohibited. Examples are, but not limited to:

    • To modify the terrain near a players claim without their consent.

    • Mass modification of land geography without intend to settle within the area.

    • Water-, lava-casting and the construction of 'cobble monsters'.

    • Destroying infrastructure that is necessary for travel in the wilderness.

    • The building of obscene, racist and/or other offensive structures is prohibited.

    • Building of unnecessary structures within the wilderness is prohibited.

  • Map/Pixel Art

    • Such construction is not allowed to advertise, defame and/or contain any obscene or NSFW content.

    • Builds must not promote any political or social motives.

    • Builds must be removed after the map is completed.

Claiming Rules:

  • The killing of other players mobs without their consent.

  • Claiming near a claim owned by another person without their consent is prohibited.

  • Setting a /home or /pw within another person’s claim without their consent is prohibited.

  • Players that fail to remain active for 40 days will have their claims deleted.

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