Introduction | Rules

Here you'll find some common ground rules which we expect each and every player to follow. Please ensure that you read and understand the rules for your benefit and ours.


  • The Code of Conduct will apply in all instances that relate to SolariaMC, its game modes and its official Discord server. Ensure that you read and understand the terms laid out.

  • As stated in the Code of Conduct: "We reserve the right to add, remove and/or modify rules as we see fit. Should any such modifications occur, all players will be notified through announcement of said changes."

  • We will not accept any excuses of any misunderstanding or misconception of our rules. In other words, we do not want to receive complaints about how our rules were unclear or easily misunderstood. We have done our best to lay out the rules as simply and as plainly as possible and we expect you, as the player, to make an effort to understand the rules for your benefit.

  • Should you still not understand any rules we have set out, you are always welcome to submit a ticket so we can aid and ensure your understanding of said rule and, if necessary, re-write the term to aid future players.

  • Any attempt to exploit loopholes in the rules can be met with an additional punishment. These rules are here as guidelines of what is and is not allowed and may not explicitly dictate each and every scenario. It is the responsibility of the player to use logic, common sense and sound reasoning in these scenarios.

  • Alternate accounts (alts) are not allowed under any circumstance. If you are found using an alt, your alt will be banned and your main account may possibly have its progress rollbacked.

Reports and Ban Appeals

  • You are encouraged to report players who have broken any rules. This may be done by (1) using the /report [Player] accessible in all servers or (2) by submitting a report ticket with substantial evidence of your claim.

We recommend submitting a ticket as this is the most direct approach and has had the most success from past experience. We are only recently trying the /report command and this may possibly be removed in the future.

  • Any attempt at weaponizing punishments through the report system can lead to punishment of the reporter. Weaponizing punishments can be defined as:

Any attempt at getting another person punished through the report system by means of selective submission of evidence that aims to defame, smear or slander the appearance of that person towards the staff and/or community.

  • If you report a player, ensure you report the incident within 24 hours of the event. Any report of an incident past the 24 hour mark will be considered as an attempt of weaponizing bans and as such, the report will be considered as malicious, the ticket closed and any evidence provided will be ignored.

  • Ban appeals should be carried out in tickets in only. Any attempt to appeal through other means of communication besides the ticket system will be ignored. Appeals will generally be handled by the staff member who dealt the punishment unless otherwise stated.

  • Decisions in tickets will always follow staff ranking. In other words, a higher-ranked staff member's decision will always superimpose that of lower-ranked staff. Staff rankings listed in descending order (highest to lowest) include:

    • Head Admin

    • Admin

    • Lead Moderator

    • Sr Moderator

    • Moderator

    • Jr Moderator

    • Support

  • Should you feel that the staff member handling your appeal is not suitable you may request a different moderator of a higher rank to handle your appeal. This request may be rejected should we feel that your request is unreasonable or unnecessary.

  • In the event that a staff member breaks a rule, you may report them for misconduct by submitting a ticket. Please state that you are reporting a staff member with all the relevant information and evidence and another staff member with Lead Mod or above will handle the ticket.

  • Any staff with Lead-Mod and above will always have the final say in a ticket. Please do not make another ticket as the outcome of the ticket will be the same.

Clients and Modifications

  • Do not use any clients that break any rules or give you an unfair advantage. Such clients include but are not limited to chat clients, ghost clients and hacked clients.

  • Clients such as Lunar, Badlion and Cheatbreaker are allowed however we recommend using the vanilla client with some optimization mods such as Optifine.

  • Using alternate clicking methods such as drag and butterfly clicking are allowed but you may be banned. Any appeal made will be instantly denied. Use at your own risk!

  • Only a select few modifications are allowed. Any other modification not listed here is not allowed. You may submit a ticket and query if you are allowed use a modification not listed below. Allowed modifications include:

    • Client Optimization Modifications: Modifications that aim to improve a client's performance without changing the game itself like those which improve FPS are allowed. Popular mods of this type include Optifine, Lithium, Fabric.

    • Aesthetic Modifications: Mods that change the aesthetics of Minecraft without modifying gameplay such as resource packs and shaders. This does not permit resource packs that make blocks transparent or change the visuals of blocks that players do not normally see.

    • HUD and Status Modifications: Modifications which alter the heads-up display (HUD) are allowed on the condition they do not show information that is normally not provided to the player. Allowed modifications of this type would include armor and status, ping, frames per second (FPS) and clicks per second (CPS) counters and locations. However, modifications such as mini-maps, health and armor indicators of other players are not allowed.

    • Utility Modifications: Modifications that aid the player such as waypoints and replay mod are permissible. Other modifications such as macros or free camera are illegal.

    • Other modifications: Other modifications not listed here that are allowed include mods such as Fullbright and Toggle Sprint (not toggle sneak!). Any other modifications will be considered a violation of the rules and may lead to punishments of up to permanent suspension of your account.

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